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Create your own adventure

Coaching and support for creatives who are DesignINg Their own Path 

How we work together


Offering Refinement

We will analyze your service offering from the perspective of product development, removing the ambiguity in what you sell and what it costs. 

Dream Client Avatar

We will take a close look at who have you have worked with, who you would love to work with, and create a clear strategy to attract dream clients.


Mechanics Audit

We will dissect your processes and systems to find redundancy and opportunities for refinement.

Word of Mouth

We will analyze how you have grown your business and attracted clients, and find ways to enhance what is working and eliminate what is not.

Profit First

We will shift your approach from financial survival to profiting in a big way. 

Mindset Shift

We will address any fixed mindset issues and unlock habits and rituals to shift to a growth mindset. 

Hello, hello, Hello — I’m Anna, THE BUSINESs COACH FOR CREATIVEs

I am a business coach who helps creative-minded entrepreneurs find calm, clarity, and confidence in life and business.

My unique experience as a designer, educator, connector and technologist allows me to help my clients create impactful work they love while achieving financial freedom.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who lives with my hubby and rambunctious toddler in Columbus, OH. I enjoy the beauty and simplicity of stargazing as one of many hobbies.